Sunday, May 20, 2007

Proust and Impressionism

Impressionist paintings always make me think of Proust, and I saw a whole gallery of Monets this weekend, as well as some at MOMA in NYC. Toulouse Lautrec brings up images of Proust as well. One can almost hear the little phrase of Vinteiul echoing around the gilt frames. The writing seems impressionistic, too, don't you think? Certainly the realism of, say, Zola is absent. As a writer, I'm interested in what doesn't say, as well as what he does. The choice of details is, of course, crucial.

I'm almost finished reading about Swann and Odette. Onward to Les Jeunes Filles.

Sometimes, it seems like the whole world is reading and blogging Proust these days. I think it's a movement. Who would have thought?


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