Sunday, May 13, 2007

Blogging about blogging Proust

Here is a blog with more information on the Proust questionnaire that is making the rounds of the blogosphere and the web.

Currently, I seem to be blogging about blogging Proust instead of blogging Proust, if you get the drift, and of course Proust readers and even would-be readers are not intellectual vaccums and will get the drift.

Something that I have noticed lately, very lately in fact. Artists of like minds always form groups or coteries. Nothing new there. Artists (and now I am thinking of Edward Hopper and Modernisme) portray extreme alienation in their work. One thinks the artist must be alienated from society to paint such explicit loneliness, yet the artist has his set of friends and compadres who think as he does and they must have rather jolly unalienated (is there such a word?) times together in the bars and the studios. Som quatre gats. A contradiction? I'm giving this some thought as I am to Swann, who also seems to experience alienation as he goes about his love and social life.

Food for thought. Blueberry waffles for breakfast on this Mother's Day. A special treat. I notice that Proust is very reticent about what is served at the Vinteiul dinner partys. Very focused and interior. Comme il faut.


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