Saturday, February 21, 2009

Blogging Not Proust

I founds a link that this blogger was having Proust Fridays, but I didn't find any. Nonetheless. I thought the blog photos were incredibly cool. Maybe you will too.


Friday, February 20, 2009

Proust Musings

Now and then I still find a good Proust blog post or article. Here is one that I liked.

If Proust lived in New England (an unlikely scenario) he would be muffled in scarves, hats and overcoats this winter (maybe three at a time), because it has been colder than old-Billy-be-danged, and that's pretty cold.

I'm waiting for spring and some blooming hawthornes. Yes!

The other Odette

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Blogging Proust Again

Some noteworthy Proust blogging this week:

I did not know there was a Proust screen play. Anyone have details?

More on Reading Proust. Or not. Anyone have thoughts on the Amazon Kindle? Seems pretty polarizing. I would love to have one to take to Europe. Saves schlepping all those paperbacks, and the horror, the absolute horror of having to buy English paperbacks in Europe at those godawful prices. Yikes!

Great Quote by Proust and Interesting Blog

Thursday, February 12, 2009

They're Still Summarizing Proust

Confession time. I haven't picked up The Guermantes Way for weeks. We went to a discussion of nature writing at Harvard, an inspiring program which led me to pick up a book about the Grand Canyon, called Down Canyon. The writing is excellent. Great verbs. Lots of interesting detail. Proust would approve.

You will love this book! The author is Ann H. Zwinger. What a great read.

And of course I read my writing and cooking mags and three daily papers. The other time suck has been submitting to a novel contest (Amazon) and getting a book out to an agent, along with submissions of short stories and essays to various 'zines. God, this takes a lot of time. And I had to finish my robot fish story. Loved writing it. Francis, you're the greatest.

The craziest thing is, I can't remember whether I actually wrote my cat story or if I just plotted it for ages. Writing in your head or with your fingers, too. How weird.

We were in Washington, DC and I only read the New Yorker. Good stuff. All about John Updike. In many ways, Proust was the Updike of his day. Think about it.

Now I am writing a speech I must give next Wednesday and reading entries in a writing contest. House guest, birthdays, Valentine's Day, lots of cooking, esp. a chocolate panna cotta with Port Wine Ice cream. Yowza!

Did I mention a report to write by Sunday? A full, busy life is a good thing. One has little time to contemplate the economy.


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