Thursday, December 31, 2009

Resolved: Finish the second volume

"Odette" contemplating a New Year's resolution

In the course of things, I don't generally do New Year's Resolutions.  Stopped smoking years ago after several NYR's had failed me.  I did lose 5 pounds last year and kept it off.  And this year I want to finish Proust again.  If I can just get by those damned dull parties.  So onward.

I've been learning a new computer.  Switched from PC to MAC and right now I'm picking up email three different places, and one place just refuses to "Keep as New."  After a day it's gone.  So I've lost a couple of good Proust messages from Google that didn't hang around very long.  Two are linked to this site.

But today I found a  true gem.  Now let's not laugh too hard.  We were all young once, and some of us still are, but not your saintly Odette.  Of a certain age, don't ya know? 

So here in the link below, a young lady has resolved to read Proust, the great existentialist!

Now the question is:  when will she realize that Proust and Sarte don't have a lot in common.  Or do they?  Doctoral thesis anyone?

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Proust as sleeping potion

It's a sad commentary when one reads a single page of Proust and falls asleep.   Of course, it was late and I am pretty tired these days from the holiday tasks along with the household tasks, getting regular exercise, writing, editing, more writing, volunteer work for writing orgs, and keeping up with all the newspapers and magazines.  It's a full life.  And oftimes, a tiring one.  Hence, dropping off on poor Proust.  Still at one of the endless receptions.  This time the narrator is afraid that he wasn't REALLY invited.  Silly boy.

References to hidden homosexuality.  Man, were those guys (and girls) ever in the closet.  With the door barred, the lights out, and hiding behind the shoes.  Must have been very stressful.  I was in college before I knew there was such a thing as a lesbian.

So we're off to do a little last minute shopping, totally unlike moi to wait for the ultimate minute.   The older you get, the less clothing, shoes, new furniture, STUFF, you need.  You need more time and a bit of a nap every day.  Hence, Proust. 

My bad!


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

On Safari and Other Adventures in Blogging

This blog doesn't like my new MAC and it sure doesn't like Safari.  A day wasted in computer hell, and the formatting really stunk.  My most was totally hosed, first with Technorati going crazy and now with the links, etc.  Way too much time debugging stuff, when I could have been reading Proust or even contemplating my navel.  Now to see what this post looks like.

Odette who doesn't want to be a geek or a guru.