Tuesday, December 15, 2009

On Safari and Other Adventures in Blogging

This blog doesn't like my new MAC and it sure doesn't like Safari.  A day wasted in computer hell, and the formatting really stunk.  My most was totally hosed, first with Technorati going crazy and now with the links, etc.  Way too much time debugging stuff, when I could have been reading Proust or even contemplating my navel.  Now to see what this post looks like.

Odette who doesn't want to be a geek or a guru.


Ann ODyne said...

I have always thought 'safari' poorly-named, as they usually involve something getting shot.

do americans say 'get shot of' to mean 'run away from this thing'?
... as in:
get shot of Safari.

Marie said...

I use Firefox on a Mac with blogger and have never had a problem. It's free to download and easy to use if Safari is driving you crazy.