Tuesday, March 06, 2018

Princess Alice Comes Into Her Own in NOLA

Marcel Proust used Princess Alice as a model for one of his female characters, Princesse de Luxembourg.  Proust had many models in society and in the demimonde.  Recently Princess Alice was honored in New Orleans, her birthplace.  What a stretch for a Proust character!  Or is it?
Read about it here: Society Lineage Lives 

By the way, in case you are interested in a Proust summary, not done by Monty Python (remember them?), Wikipedia does a decent job of describing the plot (such as it is) of Proust's great work.
Take a look.  Wikipedia on In Search of Lost Time

Putting On the Ritz

Marcel Proust had a relationship with the Ritz Hotel in Paris as did many notables throughout the hotel's history.

Everyone had an opportunity to buy a piece of the furnishings as the Ritz geared up for a huge remodeling job.

Sad to say,  I didn't buy anything,  Did you?  Read all about it here. A Bit of History, Luxury and Glamour

Friday, January 12, 2018

Watching Proust in New York City

The Proust news of late has been rather boring, and I've also been busy writing and trying to get my novels and short stories published.  But today something Proustian caught my eye that I wanted to share: 

Experiencing Proust in New York City

Writer Jane Lever has this to say: 
A Proust Sonata--a multimedia performance that brings Marcel Proust’s literary masterpiece, In Search of Lost Time, to life—is having its New York debut tonight at the French Institute Alliance Francaise.

So wish I could be there.  These events always sneak up on one.  But if you're reading this today, January 12th, and you're in the Big Apple and you're a Proust groupie, well, there's only one place to be.