Friday, September 21, 2018

Martha's Vineyard Reads Proust

Wow!  Wish I didn't live a ferry ride away.  The island of Martha's Vineyard (off the south coast of Massachusetts) will read Proust beginning late September.  Summers are busy, autumns are beautiful, and winters are long on the island as the population dips to the stalwart year rounders.

Reading Proust will make the winter pass a lot faster, and since much of Proust is set on the Atlantic coast where Proust spent summers with his grandmother,  the scenes should resonate with Vineyard residents.

See more here:  The Vineyard Gazette of September 20th

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Let's  wish the hardy (mentally and physically) Vineyard residents happy reading.  Maybe they'll be baking madelines and imagine dinners at the Verdurins.