Sunday, August 10, 2014

When Proust Met Joyce

NOT like "When Harry Met Sally."  Proust and Joyce met at the Hotel Majestic in Paris in 1922.  They didn't particularly take to each other.  Well, opposites don't always attract.  Wouldn't you have liked to have been a mouse in the woodwork or a fly on the ceiling? The hotel hosted other famous guests.  Ah, Paris!

Read all about it. Where Proust Met Joyce

Proust Complains of Noisy Neighbor

Our friend on 5th Avenue in New York, lives in an apartment where renovations have been proceeding apace next door.  Plaster dust, banging, rattling, drilling and all the noise that accompanies a remodeling have been her constant companion for months.

Imagine if your neighbor is Proust, and he complains to you in heartfelt letters about YOUR noise.  Ye Gods!  what would you do?  Read on.   Found in The New Yorker

The Sympathetic Spy Downstairs

The "Little Phrase" rears its melodic head again

I have actually been reading the last volume of Proust and I do find it more enjoyable than all the many words about Albertine, who had become quite tiresome.  Now I love Ravel and will have to listen to this music.  Alas, the blog has gone quiet of late as I try to finish my own novel and deal with lots of challenges such as many houseguests, the garden, a torn rotator cuff and so on.

Take a look at this post and visit I-tunes.  Vinteuil Played a Sunny Melody