Monday, April 28, 2008

Proust Society Meets in Brooklyn

I don't know if "guests" are welcome, so call ahead.

This would look to be a fun and instructive meeting, depending on your definition of fun.

I spent all weekend at The Muse and The Marketplace in Boston, wallowing in literary stuff. Jonathan Franzen was the banquet speaker, and there were mentions of Joyce, Eliot, Rilke, and other luminary lights. Nobody talked about Proust, but it would have been at least theoretically possible, and of course I only sat in on 6 of 36 groups, so maybe someone did mention Marcel. Lovely lunch in the Old Parker House in downtown Boston. I ate some Parker House rolls, but no Boston Cream Pie. The event was sponsored by Grub Street.

As usual, women outnumbered men by about 5 to one.

Maybe this week I'll get back to Proust. In the meantime, I am reading The Corrections.


Friday, April 25, 2008

Proustian Moments

A poem for your reading pleasure. Love the title of this blog, "the number of cigarettesismokedtoday." I suppose that only a former smoker can appreciate . Certainly not a never-smoker. Imagine being a never-smoker. They are missing something from life, the pleasure of cigarettes, the torture of giving them up, the pride in having done so, the nicotine dreams that haunt your life.

Another poetic Proust blog. It must be spring.
Sometimes the photograph is what we need; sometimes the painting, sometimes both, maybe neither, if the imagination is glorious.


Saturday, April 19, 2008

Murder Chez Proust

Who knew? It's been a week since I've posted--my bad and all that tripe. To Atlanta and back, some workouts, meetings, getting caught up. I read two books, both about children who disappeared. City of the Sun and What the Dead Know. Very different, both good. Laura Lippman is such a good writer.

Now back to Proust. I saw this post and have been unaware of Murder Chez Proust, apparently an "academic mystery." Big discussion recently on the listserve DorothyL about academic mysteries. Shades of Gaudy Night.

This is the link:

Promising to post like crazy when she comes up for air.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Proust, the summing up

A blogger has completed the long masterpiece:

Friday, April 04, 2008

Book of a Lifetime: Katie Hickman Read Proust

Here is the link to her newspaper column.

I liked what she said about Proust readers being an enthusiastic but democratic group. The more I learn, the more amazing how wide-spread, far-flung and democratic we are.

Maybe there should be a Proust handshake, or a Proust greeting? No, that would be too kludgy, to use an IT term, but it bothers me a bit to think I may be meeting people and not realize they are also Proust fans. It's not an easy thing to drop into a casual conversation.

"Ready any Proust, lately?"
The normal comeback might be "Huh?"

And I do remember the Duchesse de Guermantes red shoes. Isn't it cool how Proust really individuated some many characters? The Guermantes humor? Francoise, Charlus, the narrator's father?

One can go on and on. Even the waiter in Balbec.

Love it.



Wednesday, April 02, 2008

A Fantastic Proust Post

Sometimes one can troll the 'Net for weeks and find nothing original or of interest, and some days you hit pay dirt. This was one of those days. I found the post below so interesting. Proust and Football. Who would have thunk it?

If you don't read anything else today, read this:

Regretfully, my own Proust reading has hit a bad spell, what with helping someone in the household recover from surgery, etc. I am doing his chores, my chores, and a whole passel of extra chores. The good part is I've lost 3 pounds, running around and esp. up the stairs 30 times a day. Who knew?

Spring cometh to Foxborough and the goldfinches are on the feeder and they are even gold, not winter drab. The spring peepers began their sweet but noisy chorus last night. We had a damp warm day yesterday, and the suet and thistle seed I put out (his chore) found favor with the flocks.

Until next week, Marcel,

Votre Lecteur