Friday, April 04, 2008

Book of a Lifetime: Katie Hickman Read Proust

Here is the link to her newspaper column.

I liked what she said about Proust readers being an enthusiastic but democratic group. The more I learn, the more amazing how wide-spread, far-flung and democratic we are.

Maybe there should be a Proust handshake, or a Proust greeting? No, that would be too kludgy, to use an IT term, but it bothers me a bit to think I may be meeting people and not realize they are also Proust fans. It's not an easy thing to drop into a casual conversation.

"Ready any Proust, lately?"
The normal comeback might be "Huh?"

And I do remember the Duchesse de Guermantes red shoes. Isn't it cool how Proust really individuated some many characters? The Guermantes humor? Francoise, Charlus, the narrator's father?

One can go on and on. Even the waiter in Balbec.

Love it.



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