Saturday, May 01, 2010

Proust is now on Facebook

Have stranger things happened?  Proust is now on Facebook.  You can sign on and become a fan.

I've just returned from the Edgar Awards in NYC, given annually to those whose 2010 publications excelled in the mystery/crime writing genre.

 Due to a panel I sat in on, I bought Robert Arellano's nominated book, Havana Lunar.  Read it already.  It was short and ultra compelling, not your everyday mystery, and Arellano has a great take on setting and atmosphere as well as character.  I really loved this book.  Marcel, I think, would approve.  The descriptions are great, and for a whodunnit, it's not all that mired down in the conventions of clues and procedure.  Plays against the genre in many ways.  I love books about Cuba.