Saturday, May 01, 2010

Proust is now on Facebook

Have stranger things happened?  Proust is now on Facebook.  You can sign on and become a fan.

I've just returned from the Edgar Awards in NYC, given annually to those whose 2010 publications excelled in the mystery/crime writing genre.

 Due to a panel I sat in on, I bought Robert Arellano's nominated book, Havana Lunar.  Read it already.  It was short and ultra compelling, not your everyday mystery, and Arellano has a great take on setting and atmosphere as well as character.  I really loved this book.  Marcel, I think, would approve.  The descriptions are great, and for a whodunnit, it's not all that mired down in the conventions of clues and procedure.  Plays against the genre in many ways.  I love books about Cuba. 

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Anonymous said...

Bloghost: responding to your query at the top of the page, whether reading Proust, etc., will inform your writing, I have no doubt that it will. It changed my life, for the better, for the richer, for the more humane, forever. Took me seven glorious months at 10 pages per day to read it. I plan to give it a second go soon. JB