Friday, April 25, 2008

Proustian Moments

A poem for your reading pleasure. Love the title of this blog, "the number of cigarettesismokedtoday." I suppose that only a former smoker can appreciate . Certainly not a never-smoker. Imagine being a never-smoker. They are missing something from life, the pleasure of cigarettes, the torture of giving them up, the pride in having done so, the nicotine dreams that haunt your life.

Another poetic Proust blog. It must be spring.
Sometimes the photograph is what we need; sometimes the painting, sometimes both, maybe neither, if the imagination is glorious.


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Ann O'Dyne said...

Greetings from Australia.
I discovered you via my new friend Onscreen Scientist.

and I'm 60 and I have never ever smoked a cigarette. Possibly I find them repulsive because my parents whom I loathed, were chain-smokers.

I see the tags of your next Post are Dorothy L Sayers and Gaudy Night - which I have read with all her other work and a biography, but I am sorry to reveal that Proust's work has evaded me and ...

Just to stun you, I can type in this comment my entire knowledge of Proust:
*The title 'Remembrance of things past'
*One year in the 70's the famous Bestegui Ball had a Proust theme and Elizabeth Taylor looked wonderful.
* Madeleines?