Monday, April 28, 2008

Proust Society Meets in Brooklyn

I don't know if "guests" are welcome, so call ahead.

This would look to be a fun and instructive meeting, depending on your definition of fun.

I spent all weekend at The Muse and The Marketplace in Boston, wallowing in literary stuff. Jonathan Franzen was the banquet speaker, and there were mentions of Joyce, Eliot, Rilke, and other luminary lights. Nobody talked about Proust, but it would have been at least theoretically possible, and of course I only sat in on 6 of 36 groups, so maybe someone did mention Marcel. Lovely lunch in the Old Parker House in downtown Boston. I ate some Parker House rolls, but no Boston Cream Pie. The event was sponsored by Grub Street.

As usual, women outnumbered men by about 5 to one.

Maybe this week I'll get back to Proust. In the meantime, I am reading The Corrections.


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Hey AG..great stuff!