Thursday, December 31, 2009

Resolved: Finish the second volume

"Odette" contemplating a New Year's resolution

In the course of things, I don't generally do New Year's Resolutions.  Stopped smoking years ago after several NYR's had failed me.  I did lose 5 pounds last year and kept it off.  And this year I want to finish Proust again.  If I can just get by those damned dull parties.  So onward.

I've been learning a new computer.  Switched from PC to MAC and right now I'm picking up email three different places, and one place just refuses to "Keep as New."  After a day it's gone.  So I've lost a couple of good Proust messages from Google that didn't hang around very long.  Two are linked to this site.

But today I found a  true gem.  Now let's not laugh too hard.  We were all young once, and some of us still are, but not your saintly Odette.  Of a certain age, don't ya know? 

So here in the link below, a young lady has resolved to read Proust, the great existentialist!

Now the question is:  when will she realize that Proust and Sarte don't have a lot in common.  Or do they?  Doctoral thesis anyone?

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