Wednesday, May 02, 2007

The Fool and the Gold Digger

Last night I read deep into the sordid business where the Verdurins drop Swann and co-opt Odette. Swann is so ridiculously in love that he is completely blind to what he needs to do to bring Odette back into the fold, so to speak. Cut the purse strings. He realizes it, but then makes some stupid justifications. If a man ever told himself egregious lies, it is Swann. All the while he is thinking that Odette is fat, stupid, has inexecrable taste in art, theatre and friends.

One wants to slap Swann silly. Reading becomes painful. I'm 250 pages into Swann and hoping the torture will soon be over. Bring on Albertine, Charlus, just about anyone but the lovesick Swann.

Arrrrghhh! Swann in Love? Swann in Denial? Swann Being Stupid? Swann's Song? Swann Clueless.

Odettte (not that one!)

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