Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Filet of Sole and Japanese Salad

Finally, last night, a hint of what the diners at the Vintieul's might be eating. Lots of conversation and insights into Mme and M's petty minds, but damn little vision of the table and what's on it, what the guests wear, stage directions, and so forth. Interesting. Not how I would have written it, well, of course not. Maybe it would be interesting to write it in a more modern idiom. Hmmm. Think I'll pass on that. Sole and Japanese Salad. No idea what the Japanese Salad was (Daikon?) but I'll try to find out.

More Proust bloggers. The whole world is blogging Proust, and this is so cool. I feel like part of a movement. Son quatre gats, so to speak.

Here's another nice blog:


I keep seeing something called a Proust quiz that I will report on next. Suspect it has nothing to do with our narrator.


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