Monday, May 14, 2007

Is there enough time to search for lost time?

Ah, that is the question. Reading Proust seems to be on everyone's list and there is a now or never sense of getting through the whole novel. Not an easy task. I'm glad I've done it once, and practically twice and here we go on thrice. So I'm not really desperate. Yet.

I've happened upon some really cool blogs since I started my Google Journal through mentions of Proust. Who knew? There's a whole world of Proust and people reading him in the blogosphere. When I began, I felt that I was reading in the wilderness, as Foxborough seemed, but now I realize that we Proust readers are legion. I wonder, if fact, if there is a Proust revival. Methinks he never needed one. Yet, I wonder if I know anyone at all except myself who has actually read him. Maybe a friend who majored in French. I'll ask her.

We have no hawthornes abloom, but we have a great color explosion in New England right now, and one wants to walk the Guermantes Way. Wonder if their famous wit is anywhere evident. :)


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