Wednesday, February 14, 2007

What would Swann Give Odette for Valentine's Day?

Chocolates? Orchids? Other flowers? Jewelry? All of the above? Maybe even a bit of cash. Would she be grateful? Not very. Show her gratitude? Maybe. Somehow, she would manage to wound him. Poor Marcel.

I was very surprised to see Catherine Deneuve playing the mature Odette in the movie, but she seemed right. My image of Odette was always a brunette, a cool brunette.

On vacation, I took Puccini's Ghost to read and not Proust. I actually read Toni Morrison's Beloved, which was fantastic, a truly great novel, an accolade I do not render lightly.

Maybe tonight I will get back to Swann's Way. The weather here is ugly. It would be nice to read about the garden and the hawthorns.

Odette (the other one)

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