Wednesday, February 21, 2007


The seasons continue to define the menu and what comes out of the Combray garden. Proust had a long description of asparagus, but confined his rhapsody to the tips, and I could NEVER figure out whether he was writing about white or green asparagus. Very frustrating. No mention of birds or mammals.

The kitchen maid's screams in labor did not elicit much comment, just that they disturbed the aunt's sleep and Francoise had to fetch the midwife from a neighboring village.

More interesting was the discovery of LeGrandin's snobbery, which did elicit much comment and speculation. I have one friend who is a terrible snob. He likes to hobnob with the captain's of industry and used to say that he could never make love to a woman to whom he had not been properly introduced, which of course would eliminate hookers, barmaids, and the like. If you want to rub elbows with the very rich, buy a great big sailing yacht.

My friend once remarked that he would not "have anything to say" to any of the 35,000 people at the Burning Man Festival. Hmmm. Surely there must be just a few, esp. considering that the captains of Silicon Valley have been known to attend. Technology stock tips and all that. Be careful of blanket condemnations. You will sound like an idiot.

Proust, of course, studied snobbery to the nth degree. And he must have received a "proper" introduction to Odette at the Verdurin's. In this day of instant do-nothing-know-nothing so-called "celebrities" snobbism has no doubt taken some weird turns. Is mine evident? Shame on me.


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