Friday, February 16, 2007

A Few Loitering Clouds

"A few loitering clouds." Isn't that a great image? Proust has another one of the church bells of St. Hillaire. You don't see them but you feel them clanging. Good stuff.

Just read the passage where in Combray, the family eats the midday meal at 11:00 instead of 12:00 on Saturday because Francois has to go to market afterward. They make a big to do over it. Again, the gentle, almost sly humor. Also about Aunt Leonie.

For the lunch, the mention of the appearance of "endives." A "special flavor of omelette" for Saturday, as well as "an unmerited steak." Don't you just love it? An "unmerited steak." "A nice bit of veal," too, but the unmerited steak shines forth.

I am probably no further than 70 pages into the book, but I have noticed so much on this read, especially the gentle provincial bourgeouis humor, the way the family relates to each other and the servant. Everything is so minutely observed and presented with such fresh eyes and so much creativity. Marcel baby, I love you.


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