Monday, February 26, 2007

Proust's Way A book review

The second link is to the book, The Proust Project, which I discovered in my own library, and you can buy this book really really cheap on Amazon. The "project" is 28 writer's writing about Proust, or a passage in In Search of Lost Time, but lots of writers write about themselves or something else entirely. Proust seems to have that affect on writers. I don't recall learning very much about Proust from the book. Oh well.

An old but excellent web site which I may have mentioned before is: Waggish Reads Proust. Insightful comments, very literate and scholarly. I used to be literate and scholarly and I don't know what the hell happened. I got into technology and began writing "commercial" fiction and now it's Remembrance of Being Literate and Scholarly Once Upon a Long Time Ago.

Waggish Read Proust:

Snow covers the cold ground here and one longs for lilacs and hawthornes and cherries and asparagus. Long live Swan's garden.


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