Monday, June 11, 2007

Yet Another Blogger Reading Proust

It's more than a movement! It's a great swelling up, a cascade of readers and bloggers all searching for lost time. Here's another one:

I'm currently about 500 pages into the book. It's good bedtime reading because it isn't violent or so stimulating it will keep you awake. Interesting, compelling, but not a page turner. The Sopranos, it is not. I had another restless Sunday night after the last Sopranos. The violence was muted, well, mostly, but the threat of violence--that what a good writer creates, the threat of violence. Who's the guy in the USA cap? Is the guy in the john going to come out shooting?

A man with a gun comes through the door. The solution to every mystery writing/thriller problem. Have a man with a gun come throught he door. Or the threat of one. When the story lags or you don't know what to write next.

Of course, Proust's life is lived in the mind, the sensitive neurasthenic mind, where nobody ever comes throught he door with a gun, except maybe on some deep inscruable metaphoric level.

You read it here first. The new word, the word seen everywhere, maybe even replacing "icon," and won't that be a relief, is "hubris." Hubris.



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