Monday, June 04, 2007

Reading Proust in Foxborough in Not A Lit Blog

Don't you just love it when tempests rise within the teacup? I have to confess that I do. Below are links to some interviews and anti-anti-blog remarks (you may need a scorecard). Makes me wonder if I have a "right" to discuss Proust, since I've been in Information Technology instead of Literature for lo, these many years.

At Book Expo, the Luddites are trembling in their Gucci Loafers again at the idea of free books to download, e-publishing, and all those dastardly things. Many readers, writers and especially publishers are anti-computer. Publishing is a hide-bound business, even if they do count beans a lot nowadays. Meanwhile Steve Jobs and Bill Gates are interviewed together. How cool is that?

Sometimes the Luddites makes me want to slink and skulk and hide in the shrubbery of the Bois de Boulogne. Maybe Mme. Swann will have an assignation or two that I can report on.

Still reading about Marcel and Gilberte and he is sounding an awful lot like Swann in love. Bring on Albertine and the jeunes filles. Were they really jeune filles? Do I have a right to ask?



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