Wednesday, June 13, 2007

In Search of Blogging Proust

Here are some more Proust blogs of note:

Monica looks at Proust via some quotations from the great work:

Tilu has her own take on Marcel: mostly in French

Yet more about Proust and a missing Proust blogger. Could be most anyone. Me? You?

My posts have been scattershot because I have been attending a civil trial in Boston at the new Federal Courthouse, a beautiful building overlooking the harbor with a cafeteria worthy of Francois if you get my drift. Definitely superior cafeteria food. One never has to wait for an elevator either. The plaintif and the defendant are people/businesses I know well, so this is absolutely riviting, although apparently not for the juror who fell asleep this morning. Mon Dieu!

There is plenty of controversy and drama, and although this is a civil trial, passions run high. And it's a classic big (mean) guy against the little guy. It has to be costing the big guy more in legal fees than he can expect to collect, if indeed, he collects anything, about which there is already some doubt in my mind. Hubris. Pure and simple hubris.

Your homework, should you decide to do any. Find a passage in Proust exhibiting hubris. Hint. Think toward the end of the book.


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