Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Proust Gleanings and Other Potpourri

This week I have been commuting to Boston's Federal Courthouse to sit in on a trial which interest me. My reading for the week has been Hank Philippi Ryan, Carl Hiasson and The Warlord's Son. I did not drag my Proust book onto the commuter train, because it is a TOME and I hate to schlepp heavy bags around. From time to time I wondered what Proust would make of all this, with thoughts back toward the Dreyfus case, which the one I'm interested in does not resemble except insofar as the possibility of an injustice being done. The other thing is the beautiful new courthouse with its siting on the Boston waterfront across the Fort Point Channel from the jazzy skyline of Boston. Beantown has a certain "je ne sais quoi" with it's glitzy new buildings and modern architecture. The gold and glass gleams and glitters across the water, with boats of all variety passing two and fro and an old derelict falling into the harbor resaurant adding local funk and color. Time past, time present and time future.

In the meantime, the legal machinery is grinding on, with immigration cases, IRS cases and I don't know what all happening behind the doors of the 24 court rooms. What would Proust think?

Here are some links I've found lately. Some are about Proust, others are mere mentions, but I thought the blog interesting enough in its own right to include. I have to confess this whole blogging business giving the reader the ability to dip into a slice of life (tranche de vie) of the blogger is so interesting.

Odette is trekking via ocean liner up the inside passage of Alaska soon, also without the great TOME, but she will be consider all things Proust and report back. Soon.

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Anonymous said...

I found your blog by accident but coincidentally I too am reading (and enjoying) Hank Philippi Ryan's book (I went to hear her read last night, then bought it) plus I actually work in the federal courthouse. I find it very beautiful and uplifting, even on days when I am primarily doing research with my head down. I am glad you are enjoying your trial - I wish all the jurors had a similarly positive attitude.