Friday, April 27, 2007

Yet Another Proust Blogger

I don't know whether you know about the facility Google has that will search the net for you and bring any mention of a topic to your mailbox. That's how I have been finding my fellow Proust readers and bloggers, the literary and the obsessed.

Proust generates many mentions per day, most of them somewhat frivolous, but every now and then one finds gems, pearls among the swine, as we say. The swine appear to have eaten melamine, too, alas. This little piggy doesn't go to market. Speaking of food, I noticed a cookbook advertised somewhere like Proust's mother might have written.

Who knows? Terribly disappointed by the books I have recently begun, so I'll trudge back to Marcel, who puts together such beautiful sentences.


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Newfred said...

Hi Odette, how's M. Swann?

Thanks for the link. It's good to see so many other Proust enthusiasts spreading the word. I'm only about 50% through the whole work, but it has already proved transformative.