Sunday, April 29, 2007

Everyone is reading Proust!

Is it spring? Is it because we are all fatigued by dystopian novels and Iraq and the weird globally warmed weather? I found yet another Proust blog, with good discussion in the comments.

Marcel is kind of a whiny butt, however, there is a kind of order in his world, at least until society crumbles and reforms, and the middle-class Mme. Vintieul becomes high society. She is such a great character, and not at all likeable.

I am bogged down 170 pages into the novel, and am trying to get through Three Trapped Tigers first. Meanwhile everyone is reading Proust and blogging Proust. How cool is that?


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Stefanie said...

It's very cool! I'm always excited to find others reading big books at the same time I am. Makes the effort seem more communal and less solitary.