Thursday, April 05, 2007

Proust in comic Form?

From a blog:

Proust Adaptation Wins Literary Award

I'm on super-shaky ground with any story that makes me try to understand French, contextualize French literary awards and remember what little I know about Marcel Proust, but notes that Stephane's Heuet's adaptation into comics form of the Swann in Love portion of the Swann's Way portion of Remembrances of Things Past, which I believe is Heuet's fourth volume in the series, has won a general arts award. The prize in question is the Prix des excrivains du Sud and it's given to a work in any art form, this being the first time it's gone to a work in comics form. I don't have any basis to know if this is important or trivial, but I thought it worth a mention. NBM was publishing the English-language version of this series, last I knew. posted 6:02 am PST Permalink

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