Thursday, April 26, 2007

Another Proust Blog

I liked the voice of the blogger. Lots of comments. Didn't read them all. Just back from the Big Apple. Saw the "Barcelona" show at the Met. Good stuff, some of which reminded me of Marcel.

More anon.

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Chris said...

Hi Odette,

thanks for your post on the Guardian site. I've just finished The Way By Swann's and I'm trying to process it above and beyond the level of superlatives and exclamation marks. To be honest, I'd almost be happy to sack off the article just so I could dive right into volume 2 (I'm going with the Scott Moncrieff translation for comparative purposes).

Thanks for sending the link to your blog - love the name. My second blog should be up on the Guardian site early next week, so swing by if you get the chance.