Monday, June 02, 2008

Proust and Fortuny

Apparently Fortuny's technique has been lost and can't be recovered. Interesting, that with all our technology no one has figured it out.

In the meantime, here's food for thought. Albertine and the Duchesse of Guermantes both wear Fortuny. La di dah!

While we're on the topic of Fortuny, here is a link to the website:

Others are re-reading Proust like moi. I wish the blogger would change fonts and colors. Sometimes interesting blogs can be, alas, hard to read, font and colorwise.

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Ann O'Dyne said...

Mary McFadden was doing Fortuny pleats c.1976 and selling at a high price via old Giorgio in Beverly Hills.

Mr.Chow restaurant in London in 1976 had
the Late Tina Chow's collection of Fortuny gowns on mannekins on the staircase for passing diners to fondle with their sticky fingers.
Helena Bonham Carter's grandmothers was a Fortuny client and when gishingly asked by a journo, what it was like to meet him said icily that one did not bother with conversation to a dressmaker'!