Monday, June 30, 2008

Blogging Proust blogging Proust

Proust and the Self:

An essay about re-reading Proust some years later. I can relate to this, but not quite as literarily. Too long in Foxborough?

Proust is no Hemingway.

Mais non! Proust is Proust and Papa is Papa. They are as different as say, Proust and Kerouac, who really do have much in common. Hmmmm. This is actually another readable essay by someone who has tried Proust and failed, and is back again to scale the summit. Looks like he may succeed this time. God knows, I tried Moby Dick several times before succeeding, and War and Peace endless times. Then I picked it up and read it from cover to cover. Sometimes the reader is not ready for a work of literature, but this is not failure.

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Dysthymiac said...

Proust Is No Hemingway, Chapter 38:

Whatever would Marcel have done in response to the bet on writing a novel in 6 words?

Ernie won it with -
For Sale, Baby Shoes, Never Worn.

I knew nothing of this famous story until I got a blog meme on it, so there you go. There are books, and websites, and competitions with brilliant submissions.