Friday, May 30, 2008

Blogging Proust Blogging Proust

No hawthornes but an orange rhododendum. Lovely, n'est pas?

Blogging Proust Blogging Proust:
You read that right. I have often wondered whether Proust, if alive today, would blog.

Here is your answer, and the answer is . . . .

Loved it. Spoken thrice.

There is so much cool talent in the blogosphere.

Web Cowgirl's progress through Proust is putting me to shame.

Maybe a few summer afternoons of intensive reading. It's so lovely on our deck overlooking the slough with new flowers planted, the goldfinches visited the thistle seed feeder and the hummingbird making frequent trips to the red feeder full of sugar water. I've also planted lots of cool flowers the hummer will like, and blooms that will attract butterflies. We already have a host of dragonflies and soon (I hope) the bees will come for the oregano and other flowers. Wonder what oregano honey would taste like. Oregano? Hmmm.

Odette, who welcomes comments to this blog.

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