Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Reading Proust in Foxborough

Blogger just lost my last post. Happens at least once a week. I am having modem problems---arrrgh, hate all these technical issues.

I read in The Guermantes Way last night, about Francois and her shenanigans. Such a great character, with her moods, and the sacrosanct servants meal and all the craziness in the new neighborhood. Proust is at his best sometimes with his sharp but gentle humor.

http://deweyorotherwise.wordpress.com/ Not all students read only what is assigned. I thought he brings up good points about Swann's Way and how Swann and Marcel mirror each other, and of course that happens even more so once Albertine comes on the scene.

Stay warm. Stay dry. I hope you have an excellent reading lamp and a bottle of something delicious to sip.


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Anonymous said...

hey! thanks for the link. can't wait to continue.. best-jessica (she)