Tuesday, January 29, 2008

And Yet Another Proust Blogger

John has joined the "little clan" of Proust bloggers. Actually it's a movement.


His comparison of violent movies to Proust's work is interesting. Something I would have not thought of.

Last night I made good progress through The Guermantes Way, with St. Loup still at Doncierres and his troubles with his mistress and the Dutchess having a painting by Elstir. In Proust there's hardly any degrees of separation. Interesting that the mistress is not some air head but rather intellectual. Who knew? But that, of course, if St. Loup.

Doesn't Proust have great characters? The mark of a great writer is not the plots but the characters.


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Sailor John said...

Actually, I've been reading >>Swann's Way<< in French, wading through it for an ungodly amount of time. I started a blog, but now am having trouble finding it.