Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Proust on Crystal Meth

Now there's an image! From neurasthenic to. . . . crazed socialite! The mind boggles.

I found this expression in: http://www.wood-tang.com/2007/08/restless-mind-syndrome/

Look down as far as the 5th paragraph. I liked this blogger's voice. Getting organized! How do you think Proust organized so much material? Did he have charts and notes? He had no "stickies," no computerized lists of characters. The man was a genius.

It is a little difficult for me to get a fix on the grandmother. She's a little intellectual, very motherly, an anti-snob snob, not exactly petit-bourgeouise, but what else, then? Of course the early descriptions of the Baron de Charlus are amazing. I had fogotten St. Loup was his nephew. Everything and everyone is related. Mon Dieu! How to keep this vast detailed structure in one's head? Probably I have read how he did it and forgotten, being too young in college to worry about trying to keep huge structures in my head. Ah youth, she said.

Boston is the bloggiest town according to today's Globe and here we are blogging and reading Proust in Foxborough. How cool is that?


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