Thursday, June 25, 2009

My Kindle

My birthday present this year, a BIG birthday, by the way, was a KINDLE. I took it to Florida where I went to finish some research on my novel in process. It was so much fun to read on the plane, and so nice not to schlep a half-dozen paperbacks. My great fear is to have a lot of time on my hands and nothing to read. Horrors!

The Kindle is also great for reading in bed. My husband asked, "what is that clicking I hear?" It was me turning pages. Click. click. I'm reading Eat, Pray, Love on my Kindle. I finished the "Italy" or eat section last night. So far the book is very enjoyable. Would I ever love to travel to Italy and eat for weeks on end. That would be a waistline disaster, but the mere thought of it is lovely. I remember two meals in Venice, a few in San Remo, one in Florence . . . but that's another topic.

I have two of the world's best lasagne recipes. Both totally from scratch, of course, but soooo delicious.

Back to the Kindle. What isn't generally known is that for a very cheap price, (15 cents for mine), you can load up your own manuscript to the Kindle, read it, and write comments and put in bookmarks. Mine is in Word. I think that's the most reliable. Anyway, it's incredibly cool, and so useful for a writer not to drag 200 printed pages along.

Love it. Love it. I'll bet some of the 100 novels in my last post are available on the Kindle.

But not Proust. Not yet. Maybe soon.

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Dave said...

Sorry this is off point, but I couldn't find a good contact form. I write for The Baltimore Sun's Read Street book blog. Thought you might be interested in today's post about a Washington artist's interpretation of Proust's classic. The link: