Monday, September 17, 2007

Landscapes of the Heart

The image was taken above the tiny town of Gerlach, Nevada in the northern part of the state, where, excepting Winnemucca, only 800 souls live. No Guermantes or Meseglise Ways to walk, although you can walk around town and out to the old glass dump, and various funky places. I read all of The Poisonwood Bible, and could have just as easily finished the first volume of Proust, but I never travel with a hard cover.
The imagination boggles thinking of an early 20th century Parisian in these vast empty landscapes. What would he have thought? The wind. The dust. The aridity. And yes, the beauty.
Here is a link to Pamuk blogging Proust. I think everyone who's anyone is blogging Proust. Weird, isn't it?
Odette, still shaking the dust from her shoes

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