Monday, March 19, 2007

Proust on Ebay: The Ultimate Weirdness

This is a cool Proust site that you will want to investigate.

I am reading about Swann and Odette now, but nothing has piqued my interest enough to post about. Mme. Verdurin is an interesting type and I wrack my brain to figure out if I have actually known anyone like her. The hostess with the leastest. Somehow, she seems very modern with her self-absorption and her pretense at intellectualism and her pushing of minor musicians and artists. And her jealousy. One could write an entire book about Mme. Verdurin, n'est pas?


Blogger hosed my "Odette" profile when blogger went to it's new software. Lots of grousing among the rank and file. What's a blogger to do?

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