Friday, January 24, 2014

Pinter Reads Proust. Pinter produces Proust.

Drat!  I had no idea there would be a Pinter/Proust performance at the 92nd St. Y last week.  It's not all that difficult to nip down to the Big Apple from Foxborough, and there's a friend with a sleeper  sofa!  Oh, she was actually visiting us.  Well,  crap.  Anyhow I missed it.

Here's a fun write up, that even mentions Monty Python's Summarize Proust contest. 

Pinter and Proust   This is a good article both for Proust and Pinter fans.

Another informative article apropos Proust is here: The Nation wrote about Proust. And wrote and wrote and wrote


Update:  yet another article linkWhen Pinter adapted Proust 

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