Thursday, July 26, 2012

Portraits of Proust's characters

Resemblance: The Portraits

After so little Proust news lately, I have  a blockbuster web site for you.  How did I ever miss this one.  Paintings of how the artist imagined Proust's many characters.  You can play the game and try to guess who is who.  Some of them are easy to guess.  This is really amazing.  I'm so pleased to share with you. 

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Marie said...

what a neat website!
i wanted to tell you, have you read the book The Hare With Amber Eyes? It's a family history through the "eyes" of a set of netsuke originally collected by author's great great uncle- who was one of the main models for Swann. Of course you've probably read it but just in case you hadn't I thought of you!