Friday, April 08, 2011

Reading Proust in Arizona

Aside from the warm weather, this would be a good week for Proust fans to be in Arizona!  Hey, it's not all guns, cacti and canyons.  I love Arizona, the scenery and the sky and the warmth.  Here is the link: 

Proust in Arizona  

You find people celebrating Proust in the farthest corners.  Flagstaff as well as Foxborough.  Isn't it wonderful?   

I spent a fantastic week in Flagstaff at the Indian Powwow many many years ago, a week  I should write about.  The area around Flagstaff purportedly has mystical powers.  The peaks (San Francisco, I think, but memory is treacherous) are holy.  Sedona is so lovely it breaks your heart, all those red rocks, the high desert, the light, the possibilties.  


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