Wednesday, September 09, 2009

OMG! Someone has actually SUMMARIZED Proust!

It was Walter Benjamin. Who knew? Someone must immediately notify the All England Summarize Proust Society.

Odette, feeling frisky


Ann oDyne said...

... next - The Classic Comic version.

Marie said...

:-) Do you read Proust in English or French? I took a Proust course in college, where we read him (or tried!) in French. I've always sort of wanted to read him again but I don't have the energy for the French and feel sheepish about reading him in English. What do you think?

Grapeshot/Odette said...

In college, many, oh, so many moons ago, I read some Proust in French and well as English. Ah, it was beautiful and flowed so wonderfully, but my "literary" French got up and left me with only menu, weather and "ou est le gar du Nord?" kind of French.

Read it it English! Be proud. I mean, how many people actually read Proust? Do you see him on the best seller list? Mais non! He will reward you.


Ann oDyne said...

"I see old boy Proust is picking up some blogmentum at Tingle Alley and Conversational Reading.
Previously, I’ve been impressed with Microsoft Word’s Auto-Summarize feature.
So, I’ve run the e-text of Moncrieff’s translation through the machine, and after 2 iterations, have come up with a condensed version for those who want to cut to the chase, as they say, of Swann’s Way. [...]

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Anonymous said...

Grapeshot--For God's sake, girl, go to and LISTEN to it! I am COMPLETELY addicted to I finished listening to Swann's Way a week or so ago and it was FANTASTIC! You can imagine my disappointment when I found out that the 'little phrase' that played when Swann fell in love with Odette was a composer and song that Proust made up. Oh, I'm still upset over that! I wanted so much to hear it!

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