Sunday, August 23, 2009

New England Reads Proust

An alert reader sent information about a Proust reading group at the Boston Athenaeum (private library) and a group of women in Connecticut have formed their own Proust-reading group. This rocks! Is it a movement?

I took Volume II off the shelf. It looks mouse-chewed and terribly worn, and I notice there's a price of $2.00 on the inside cover. Obviously from college days. Scott Montcrieff translation and hard cover. Avanti!

The other Odette

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Ann Kingman said...

Hi there. Found your blog through Boston Bibliophile.

There's a small Proust group on Goodreads that you might find of interest:

There may be others, but I know of this one because it is a spinoff of a discussion group for Books on the Nightstand, the blog and podcast for which I am one of the co-hosts. While I am not (yet) able to take on any kind of Proustian challenge, I love to cheer on those who do.

I look forward to following your progress.