Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Proust and Time and Plato and Einstein and . . .

Every now and then I find a Proust gem that blows my socks off, and that happened today. The post: http://camplinart.blogspot.com/2009/04/modernism.html says what I tried to say in my senior thesis, (eons ago) except the post says it better.

I am humble before such ideas presented in such a lucid way.

Michael Leddy in Orange Crate Art also has Proust goodies today. My cup runneth over.


Now, to finish the damn book. I am so close. Ten days of houseguests does not allow reading anything except recipes and the odd "what to do this week in Foxborough" article.



Story teller said...

I am close to finished in Swann's Way. I perhaps will read it again, maybe next year. I have read nothing that compares to Swann in Love anywhere else.

I wouldn't entirly despise the house-guests, after all they are no different form Proust's house guests.

Todd Camplin said...

Thank you for the plug. Proust's book was best summer read I ever had.