Wednesday, November 05, 2008

The whole world is still reading Proust

I've been so wrapped up in the U.S. elections that all I read for weeks were newspapers and political blogs. Now that it's over, there's a sense not only of elation but also of letdown.

I will get back to Proust because I am so close to finishing volume 3, which has been, I fear my bĂȘte noire. It has just taken forever. No excuses. Writing a lot. Reading other stuff in my so-called genre. Laziness. Take your pick.

Another ambitious blogger is going to take the Proust challenge, so to speak. My only question is: does she think she can read Proust in a few weeks? If so, then I am put totally to shame.
Drop in and see.

We had beautiful weather here the past two days, as they did in Chicago for the victory rally. I do believe the gods smiled.

The other Odette

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