Monday, September 15, 2008

Better Than Any Ambien

Yesterday was an early to rise day, and we watched "Mad Men," and finally at 11:30 I climbed into bed. Tried to read a little more of the endless reception in The Guermantes Way. Before I was through a page, yea, even a paragraph (we know M.P. can write ultra-long paragraphs) I had the sensation of eyes closing, page unread, and into dreamland it was.

Not the first time this has happened. Will I ever finish The Guermantes Way?

One blogger has issues with The Prisoner, which I know as The Captive. If confessions are in order, I admit that I always found this one of the more tedious volumes of the novel. Tedious the max.

On starting Proust’s Prisoner:

Here is another blogger's response:
Thoughts from Proust, AKA a “Frenchman.”

I am going to survive Mme. Villeparisis party eventually. I think.

Odette, who showed up at the reception and spoke to Marcel who was rather tongue-tied.


Michael Leddy said...

If you don't finish, you'll be stuck at that party forever! And you'll never get to the great stuff in the final volume. The final volume is more than reasonable compensation for what you're trekking through now. On my two trips through Proust, I found TGW by far the most difficult part of the journey. I don't expect that'll change next time through.

Grapeshot/Odette said...

Of course I'll finish. It's just that I had forgotten how long a party where no one gets drunk and dives into the pool naked can be.