Friday, August 01, 2008

Les Vacances

Your faithful Odette is off to Chicago for a week. Alas, it's not Balbec and certainly not Nantucket or Easthampton or any of the stylish places.

Puzzle for you: If Proust lived here today, where would he take his holidays? Perhaps the Riviera, not on the beach but high above the coast approached by a steep corniche, where the view in marvelous and the food equally fine. Art galleries and patrons nearby. A bit of shopping, but not too much. Girls in bikinis with sportscars, not bicycles. How it all has changed.

It would be nice to be in Nice. Instead, the windy city on the hottest week of the year.

Ah well,


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Ann O'Dyne said...

Where would Marcy vacance?
We now know, thanks to YSL record, that he visited Chateau Gabriel in Normandy.
Nice is flat and well-spread out.
It reminded me of Melbourne Australia unfortunately.
It does have however, the glamorous NEGRESCO Hotel where years ago my friend saw King Farouk dining (and he probably wasn't the only King there).
Normandy has more horse-racing than the Cote d'Azure, so maybe Proust was drawn to that.