Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Proust Errata

Blogging Proust in his various permutations.

Jacqui’s room: 15 Classics in 15 weeks.

What ambition. I am astounded. Can barely get through the newspapers and magazines that come into the house.

Proust for the 3rd Time. This is what I’m doing. Once as an undergrad, 15 years later as a suburban mom (no soccer) and now with grown children. Each age brings something to Proust. Now I’m enjoying his humor, which I totally missed the first two reads. How is this possible?

Seven Degrees of Separation from

Type in an author and see who else comes up. Weird names, for sure.

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Ann O'Dyne said...

pleaseforgive me if I missed any previous reference here to the late Yves St.Laurent, but I have just discovered via the Vogue obit by Andre Leon Talley, that the bedroom suites at YSL's Normandy Chateau Gabriel were all named for characters of ALaRDTemps ... bless his dear soul.