Friday, November 16, 2007

What would Proust drive and other minutiae

Ye gods, am I the only one still reading Scott Montcrief's translation?

One of these days I may spring for a newer Proust translation. The old books seem comforting, somehow. I've had them since I was an undergraduate. No idea where they came from. The covers look too old for me to have purchased them new.

I sometimes bought books at a used bookstore in Houston. They had the entire (surviving) books from the old Seamen's Library in Galveston that had been damaged in the 1901 (?) hurricane. One held a moldy piece of history.

My Proust isn't moldy. It would be nice to have separate volumes, small enough for travel. I normally travel with light paperbacks. Nothing like a big tome to weight one down.




djakomo said...

Hello All,

forgive my intrusion. I was hoping that some of view could help me locate a passage in the Recherche:

A young charming Prince and an older Countess reach an intersection from different directions. The Countess lets the Prince pass first. Bourgeois folks observing the scene are shocked at the lack of manners of the young man who passes before the older woman. The Narrator explains that because of social conventions it would be unthinkable for the Countess to walk before a Prince.

does this ring a bell? (maybe some of the details are inaccurate, e.g. they're not a prince and a countess etc., but the gist of the passage is the one i describe above)


djakomo said...

sorry for using your comments space--i would have sent an email, but I couldn't find your address (I'm bad at locating stuff, apparently.)

I hope you can help me with my query. I'm writing a review of a scientific book (unrelated to Proust) and the quote from the passage I described in the other message would be just perfect to conclude the review. Of course, I cannot use it if cannot compare my recollection with the original passage... I hope you can help!


Grapeshot/Odette said...


Alas, I've no idea where the Proust passage you are seeking is located. Not in anything I have read so far. If/when I run across it, I'll let you know.